About Us

KLB has set the standard for ophthalmic equipments' field by benefitted the customers from our outstanding ophthalmic industry knowledge and by providing service of high-quality ophthalmic equipments.

Our three decades of work have been widely appreciated throughout the world. We have become a ‘total solutions provider’ for all of your ophthalmic equipments' needs by supplying quality products and excellent customer service.

Our Instrument Specialists bring years of industry experience to every customer interaction resulting customer satisfaction, making each and every experience a special one.

KLB provides superior service paired with high quality ophthalmic products at competitive prices. We are known for providing great overall value backed by a ‘surgeon satisfaction’ guarantee. Premium products and customer service, all within your budget.

We sell Japanese, German,Dutch, American-made and other international and high quality equipments, crafted to exacting tolerances and rigorously tested for reliability and function.

Our extensive knowledge of ophthalmic market will provide you a superior products that matches your needs. We work hard to make each and every modern technology and equipment easily accessible to ophthalmic surgeons and visions care professionals in India.